If you need pet sitting services, please get in touch. Once I have received your enquiry, I will contact you, and arrange a mutually convenient time for me to meet you and your pets at your home. In the case of cats, I feel cats are much happier having met me first in your company, rather than suddenly appearing as a complete stranger once you have gone away.

If necessary, we can go over the booking form, if you have any questions regarding that, or indeed any questions at all about the service offered. You can show me where you keep the pet food, litter tray, spare litter, cleaning products (though hopefully I won’t need them too often).

I will also need to arrange when to collect your door key, whether at time of initial visit, or closer to when you are due to go away.

For new customers, I ask for 50% of total payment before you go away, the remaining due on your return. Most pet sitters ask for full payment in advance, but I feel that as we don't know each other, it is fairer to do 50% initially. I have found that most of my customers are then happy to pay the full amount in advance, as they feel happy that I provide a good service.
I will leave a log detailing each of my visits, so you can see how they have gone, and what your pets have been up to whilst you have been away. I am also happy to WhatsApp you little updates (and photos) a couple of times whilst you are away.

Then, all I ask is that you let me know you have returned home safe and sound at the end of your holiday, otherwise I will have to pester you with a text or phone call just to check. I do get a little anxious if I haven't heard anything, and will start worrying that your pets will be going hungry etc. Once I know you are home, I can return your key. I am reluctant to return keys until I have heard back from you. If I post a key back through your letterbox, and then you are delayed getting home, there is no way for me to go back and continue feeding your pets. I am also happy to retain the key if this is something you would prefer. It can save time if you need to go away last minute or feel you will use my services several times during the year.

All in all, I really hope that you can go away with the peace of mind, knowing that your pets will be well looked after.

Pets Stay Home